Remember how in the Paranormal Activity movies an invisible demon played a series of escalating practical jokes on various suburban families, then murdered them? Well, that also seems to be the plot of Dark Skies, except this time the demon is an alien.

One of the things that never made much sense about the Paranormal Activity franchise is that the demon wasn’t given a plausible motive for committing so many pranks. By substituting aliens for demons, that plot hole becomes even more glaring. Why would an ultra-advanced alien civilization travel hundreds of millions of light years just to rearrange someone’s furniture and brand them in their sleep? It doesn’t make any sense.

Perhaps all of this will be cleared up in the finished film. If so, it might actually be worth watching. Even if the explanation is only semi-coherent, the movie should still be regarded as a contemporary classic, because coming up with any explanation for something so baffling and non-sensical requires a level of imagination that few possess.