Good news for Batman fans, bad news for people with weak bladders, okay news for people who belong to both demographics: The Dark Knight Rises, the long-awaited epic conclusion of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, will be two hours and forty five minutes long. As a point of comparison, the previous instalment—regarded as overlong by some—was only two hours and thirty two minutes long. It’s also longer than Avatar (by three minutes) and The Avengers (by 22 minutes).

Theatre owners often complain that it’s harder to make a profit off of longer movies since there are only so many screenings that you can squeeze into a single day, but given that all of the above movies are among the highest grossing of all time, they should be ecstatic about The Dark Knight Rises‘ running time.

Advance tickets go on sale on Monday. For anyone thinking of camping outside the theatre, this MTV spot that Warner Bros. keeps trying to cleanse from the Internet should keep you occupied for a few days: