For most people, the debate over whether or not superhero movies can reach the level of high art was settled either with the release of Spider-Man 2 (2004) or Batman Begins (2005). For a small minority, the debate wasn’t settled till a few years later with the release of The Dark Knight (2009). But in the wake of Christopher Nolan’s epic Oscar winner, pretty much everyone agrees that superhero movies can attain the same level of greatness as more “serious” classics, right?

Amazingly, there still remains a hold-out in the year 2012—Cosmopolis director David Cronenberg. In an interview with NextMovie, Cronenberg says that not only are Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies not “supreme cinema art”, but that people who use terms like that to describe them simply “don’t know what the f*** they’re talking about.”

Cronenberg elaborates: “I think it’s still Batman running around in a stupid cape. I just don’t think it’s elevated. Christopher Nolan’s best movie is Memento, and that is an interesting movie. I don’t think his Batman movies are half as interesting though they’re 20 million times the expense. What he is doing is some very interesting technical stuff, which, you know, he’s shooting IMAX and in 3-D. That’s really tricky and difficult to do. I read about it in American Cinematography Magazine, and technically, that’s all very interesting. The movie, to me, they’re mostly boring.”

Of course, if Cronenberg thinks that Nolan’s Batman movies were shot in 3D, then there’s a good chance that he has them mixed up with, say, Thor or Captain America or Iron Man 2. If this is the case, then everything he says actually makes perfect sense.