As is pretty well known, before he made it big in Hollywood Channing Tatum relied on stripping to pay his bills, one handful of singles at a time. Now of course he’s working for much larger denominations of bills, but (unlike for most people) his stripper past is finally coming in handy.

In the upcoming comedy Magic Mike, he plays veteran stripper and titular character Magic Mike, who’s mentoring a young upstart named The Kid (Alex Pettyfer) while at the same time working to move past the wacky world of exotic dancing.  Magic Mike and The Kid work at Club Xquisite, which is run by an ex-stripper called Dallas (Matthew McConaughey, who shouldn’t really have any trouble pulling this role off).

Tatum proved his comedic chops in this spring’s 21 Jump Street and the film’s directed by the dependable Steven Soderbergh, so this could be one to watch for.


Magic Mike opens June 29.