Earlier this year, Mark Wahlberg had an unexpected hit with the half entertaining/half stupid Contraband. Despite a January release date, the movie made $66 million at the box office—a sum more typical of a summer or fall release. (Note:  Historically, movies tend to make more money when they’re released during periods of the year where dying of frostbite or getting chased by a Yeti is not an issue).

Next year, Wahlberg will test whether or not the success of Contraband was a fluke with Broken City. Like Contraband, Broken City looks kind of stupid/kind of entertaining. Also like Contraband, it’s being released in January. If the movie is a hit, it will mean two things: 1) movie studios will have to start trying a lot harder in January, and 2) companies that manufacture winter jacket can take it easy for awhile, because there’s such a thing as doing too good of a job.

From what we can tell based on the first trailer, it seems as though Russell Crowe plays a hot shot politician who occasionally employs the services of contract killers. That sounds like a very silly premise for a movie, but whatever—the movie has Russell Crowe in a scenery chewing performance, and Russell Crowe chewing on scenery is always a good thing.