It was Thanksgiving weekend in the U.S., and as expected, Americans celebrated the holiday in the traditional manner: by watching young, attractive vampires make out.

Breaking Dawn—Part 2 made another $43 million over the weekend, bringing its total up to $227 million. If it manages to gross another $75 million during its theatrical run (and there’s no reason to suspect that it won’t), it will supplant Eclipse as the highest grossing Twilight movie ever.

Skyfall, on the other hand, is under no such pressure to perform. The 23rd Bond movie is already the highest grossing Bond movie ever. Daniel Craig’s third outing grossed $36 million over the weekend, bringing its total up to $222 million. That’s considerably more than previous series-best Quantum of Solace (which made just $168 million during its theatrical run), and Skyfall still has a few more weeks to go before Les Misérables arrives in theatres and takes over the box-office until (if early word of mouth is to be believed) March, 2015.

It was also a good weekend for Lincoln and Life of Pi. Spielberg’s acclaimed biopic actually grossed more this weekend than it did last weekend, which is just about unheard of in today’s age of mammoth debuts and anemic second weekends. Meanwhile, Ange Lee’s visionary Life of Pi grossed $22 million—an impressive start for a movie that’s set mostly in a lifeboat.

Here are the weekend’s top 10 movies:

1. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 2  $43.1M  (total: $227M)
2. Skyfall  $36M  (total: $222M)
3. Lincoln  $25M  (total: $62.2M)
4. Rise of the Guardians  $24M  (total: $32.6M)
5. Life of Pi  $22M  (total: $30.1M)
6. Wreck-It Ralph  $16.8M  (total: $150M)
7. Red Dawn  $14.6M  (total: $22M)
8. Flight  $8.6M  (total: $74.9M)
9. Silver Linings Playbook  $4.62M  (total: $6.45M)
10. Argo  $3.88M  (total: $98.1M)