When the six-minute The Dark Knight Rises prologue was released late last year, reviews and audience reaction was almost universally positive, except for one glitch – the voice of Tom Hardy’s Bane was at times virtually indecipherable. The muffled sound of Bane’s voice makes sense considering the metallic apparatus he wears over his face, and you could argue that it adds to the mystery and menace of the character, but still, many people complained about it.

Despite director Christopher Nolan’s insistence that Bane’s speech wouldn’t be made clearer in post-production, it now appears that it has been cleaned up. New footage from the film has been shown at CinemaCon (a Las Vegas-held convention for theatre owners), and the general consensus from those attendance is that the voice is now significantly less distorted. Whether Nolan himself decided to make the change or if there was pressure from Warner Bros. to alter the voice remains to be seen.

The footage hasn’t been released to the general public, but apparently it includes among other things a look at the new batcave, an impressive bridge destruction sequence, and a heavy dose of Anne Hathaway’s Selina Kyle/Catwoman. Much of the footage is set to be included in the second full-length trailer for the film, which will debut in front of The Avengers, which opens May 4th. We’ll put the trailer up as soon as we get it.

The Dark Knight Rises will hit theatres July 20th.