Here’s your totally random movies story of the day – a baby ultrasound that’s a total doppelganger for Darth Vader’s evil mentor Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars.

The 20-week ultrasound was taken by Heather and Toby Large of Illinois, who immediately realized that their baby looked just a little familiar. “During the ultrasound, Heather noticed that one of the images appeared to look like Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars,” Toby says. “At this point, everyone in the room had a laugh, including our eight-year-old daughter Hannah and the ultrasound technician.”

Obviously, if your baby actually looked like an old evil guy it would probably be slightly worrisome, but don’t worry – the baby, a boy named Bowie, has since been born and looks perfectly normal. It’s yet to be confirmed whether or not the force is strong with him.