You’d think that after accidentally stumbling across four different terrorist plots in the span of just 20 years, the CIA or FBI would try to separate John McClane from the general population so that he can be examined by teams of scientists in an attempt to determine just what it is about him that attracts so many damn terrorists. But for some reason they continue to let him roam free, and so we have A Good Day to Die Hard, a film which will presumably depict John McClane accidentally stumbling across and foiling his fifth terrorist plot.

I say “presumably” because the new trailer doesn’t reveal anything about the story other than that it will feature lots and lots of explosions. For all we know, it could be John McClane who plays the role of the terrorist in this one. Think about it. After single-handedly¬†foiling so many terrorist plots, he must be pretty mad at the Department of Homeland Security, who he must see as outrageously incompetent. Perhaps he’s even mad enough to mastermind a terrorist plot of his own. And as the only person in the world who’s seen four of the all-time great terrorist masterminds in action, he’d probably be pretty good at it. After all, who’s going to stop him? An ordinary person who accidentally stumbles across his plan? Please, that kind of thing only happens to John McClane.