Kaleb Lechowski is a 22-year-old film student from Germany. For one of his classes, he made a short sci-fi film called R’ha. Unlike most student films, R’ha doesn’t feature one-note actors who accidentally look into the camera every three seconds, sets that are clearly director’s basement, or greenscreen that makes that anti-Islam YouTube video look professional in comparison. Even more impressively, at no point in the movie can you see the boom mic or a production assistant accidentally wandering into the shot. In fact, R’ha looks like it cost a lot of money. In fact, R’ha looks like it cost a whole lot of money. We’re talking Avatar-levels of expensiveness here.

The crazy thing is that—apart from a sound recordist and voice actor—Kaleb made the entire movie by himself on his computer.

According to Mashable, Kaleb is on his way to Hollywood to see if he can get the studios interested in turning R’ha into a feature film. We’re guessing that he shouldn’t have much difficulty.