5 Awesome School Movies – Pt. 2

Oh yes, my friend -- there are more. And you'll love each and every one of them.

August 31, 2013 Trailers

5 Awesome School Movies – Pt. 1

Like it or not, school's back in town! Here are five flicks guaranteed to remind you of those tumultuous teen years.

August 30, 2013 Trailers

‘Star Drunk’ Presents Strong Case For Abstaining From Alcohol While Writing, Acting

Not only was the movie written under the influence, but all of the actors were required to drink on set.

August 30, 2013 Video

Matt Damon Thinks Ben Affleck Will Be Just Fine as Batman

"You know, he's not playing King Lear. It's Batman! Certainly within his skill set."

August 28, 2013 News

5 Terrific Flicks About Time Travel

Make the time to watch (or re-watch) each one of these. You won't be sorry.

August 28, 2013 Trailers

This Fan-Made ‘Man of Steel 2’ Trailer is Pretty Good

For diehard comic book fans, it should help the first few days of the 689 day wait go by a little bit faster.

August 27, 2013 Trailers

See a Freakishly Skinny Matthew McConaughey in the New ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ Trailer

Not only did he lose a crazy amount of weight for the role (a trick which the Academy loves), but it's also more than ...

August 27, 2013 Trailers

Here’s a LEGO Version of the ‘Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug’ Trailer

As you can see, it's basically the same thing.

August 26, 2013 Trailers